CFP: XIV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America


XIV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America: “The State of the Art: Local and Global Contexts in Dialogue”
Date: 14, 15 and 16 August 2019
Venue: University of São Paulo Letras Building – Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 403 Cidade Universitária, Butantã
Joint Symposium of Irish Studies in South America ABEI-Associação Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses: XIV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America
AEIS-Asociación de Estudios Irlandeses del Sur: II Symposium of Irish Studies
The year of 2019 is an important one for Irish Studies in South America, as it commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies (ABEI). The Association was established in 1989, and remained under the supervision of Professor Munira H. Mutran and Professor Laura P. Z. de Izarra until 2018. Since its inception, ABEI has been dedicated to the study of Irish culture, literature, arts and history in Brazil. It has supported a wide range mobility programs as well as of MA dissertations and PhD theses within the post-graduate programme at the University of São Paulo – USP. Alongside this, ABEI is celebrating close connections with other Irish Studies Associations in North and South America and beyond.
The theme of this year’s conference, “The State of the Art: Local and Global Contexts in Dialogue”, aims to promote discussions around multifarious art forms, including literature, theatre, cinema, history. A nation is constantly transformed throughout its history, and its politics, culture and identity have always been intertwined with artistic expression. In the essay “Irish Theatre: the State of the Art” (2000), although Fintan O’Toole aims to discuss modern Irish theatre, his reflections could be extended to other genres when he writes about the way in which great artists add their personal distinctions to a greater distinction of time and place. Yet, he questions that “if the greatness of the artist is dependent on the greatness of the times, if artistic originality is, in some sense continued by time and place, then, what is distinctive about this particular time and this particular place? Is there a national or intellectual mood to be interpreted? Is it possible to talk of the nation or its moods in the singular?” (47)

Thus, the XIV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America is an invitation to contemplate the ways in which the Art has shaped nations, from both Old and New Worlds, reflecting and challenging traditions. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon the current state of the art in the contemporary world bearing in mind recent socio-political changes in terms of the gains and drawbacks regarding freedom of expression, democracy, gender equality and the rise of new nationalisms.

-The 2019 Academic Committee encourages delegates to present papers about thefollowing topics:
– Construction of a nation through its narratives
– Historical links of the Americas and Ireland
– The Literature of revolutions and independence
– Travel narratives, diaries, letters, photographs and other means/ways of narrating independence
– Political and cultural relations between Ireland and nineteenth-century Latin America
– Economy and regional integration
– Reception of Irish literature
– Folklore and ethno-music
– Mass media in the contemporary world
– Representation in theatre and other arts
– Translation: cultural and literary translations
– Irish migration studies
– Gender studies
– Contemporary in the field of Irish writing
Keynote speakers
Dr. Patrick Griffin (University of Notre Dame, Keough-Naughton Institute)
Dr. Angela Byrne (EPIC Museum)
Dr. Angus Mitchell (University of Limerick)
Dr. Audrey Robitaillié (QUB, to be confirmed)
Dr. Denis Rafter (Irish actor and director in Spain)
Dra. Maria Auxiliadora Perez Vides (University of Huelva, Spain)
Dra. Giovanna Tallone (Independent Researcher, Italy)
Guideline for abstract submission
– Abstracts should include a title, followed by 3-5 keywords and not exceed 250 words for twenty-minute papers;
– Abstracts should be submitted as a Word Document, Times New Roman, 12 pts;
– Abstracts can be written preferably in English or in Portuguese;
– Please include a brief biographical note of up to 50 words, including academic title and affiliation;
– Abstracts should be sent via email to:
– Deadline: 16 June 2019
– Delegates presenting papers: R$ 250 (R$150 ABEI membership + R$100 fee)
– M.A and Ph.D Students: R$ 200 (R$ 150 ABEI membership + R$ 50 fee)
– Undergraduate students presenting posters: R$ 170 (R$150 ABEI membership +
R$ 20 fee)
– Attendants with certificate: R$ 50 fee
– Payment shall be done through Paypal
– Payment receipts should be sent to:
Organizing Committee
Chair: Mariana Bolfarine and Laura Patricia Zuntini de Izarra
Munira H. Mutran, Rosalie Rahal Haddad, Alessandra Cristina Rigonato, Caroline
Moreira Eufrausino, Camila Franco Batista, Elisa Lima Abrantes, Vítor Alevato do Amaral.
Local Committe:
Alessandra Rigonato, Arlindo Bruno Araújo Gregoldo, Caroline Moreira Eufrausino,
Cecília Adolpho Martins, Eda Nagayama, Victor Augusto Pacheco, Larissa Vieira
Cerqueira e Maria Victoria Cardoso Santana.
Academic Committee
Rosalie Rahal Haddad, Adriana Carvalho Capuchinho, Andrea Martins Lameirão Mateus,
Caroline Moreira Eufrausino, Gisele Wolkoff, Luci Collin Lavalle, Maria Rita Drumond
Viana, Noélia Borges Araújo, Rejane de Souza Ferreira.

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