Lyonesse Journal

We would like to draw your attention to a new project led by AEDEI member
Samantha Young: Lyonesses.

Lyonesse is a new literary journal, just launched this spring, which
celebrates women’s writing in all its technicoloured brilliance &
celebrates writers foregrounding women and weaving magic and nature into their writing. We particularly love showcasing writing inspired by
mythology, folklore and fairy tales. Attached is our Spring newsletter
with a more detailed summary of this season’s articles but I would like
to draw your attention to two which may be of particular interest to
those working in the field of Irish studies, our interview with
acclaimed Irish writer and poetess, Niamh Boyce and a spring flora
folklore feature which both Niamh and fellow Irish author Deirdre
Sullivan contributed to:

In Conversation with Niamh Boyce, Irish author of The HerbalistHer
 and Inside the Wolf:

Niamh Boyce is an award winning writer from Ireland. Using the novel and poem to unearth the witches, ghosts and other buried voices of
marginalised Irish women, her writing frequently explores womanhood and the oppressive influence of the Catholic church and patriarchy on
women’s lives. In this interview conducted by Editor Sam Young, Boyce
discusses some of her feminist literary influences, the enduring allure
of myths folklore and fairy tales, and giving voice to the historically
silenced women of Ireland’s turbulent past in her novels, The Herbalist
and Her Kind and the fairy tale inspired poetry collection, Inside the

The Enchantment of Spring: Women Writers Discuss their Favourite Spring folklore, superstitions and rituals:

In The Enchantment of Spring, which features contributions from
acclaimed Irish writers Niamh Boyce and Deirdre Sullivan, we are taken
on a whimsical journey through the forests and meadows of Northern
Europe as women writers discuss their favourite spring flora related
folklore, superstitions and rituals.

In our forthcoming publications, you will also be able to read interviews with Irish writers Deirdre Sullivan and Moïra Fowley-Doyle.

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