Style sheet


All margins: 2.54 cm/1 inch.
Justification: complete.
Line space: 2 (1 in quotations, notes and bibliography).
Word separation: none.
Text and bibliography: Times New Roman/CGTimes12.
Paragraphs: Indent each paragraph 1 cm. using tab.
Notes: Times New Roman/CGTimes10; line space 1.
Long, separate quotations: Times New Roman/CGTimes10; line space 1.


Title: seven (single) spaces from top of the page, upper case, bold, centre, CGTimes/Times New Roman 16.
Name of author(s): two (single) spaces from title, upper case, centre, Times New Roman/CGTimes12.
University/institution: below name, lower case, centre, Times New Roman/CGTimes12.
Text: should begin five (single) spaces below.


No footnotes or endnotes shall be used for mere page references when citing works directly or making broader references. They will only be used for longer commentaries and placed at the end of the text, before the bibliography.

Use parenthetical citations as follows: (O'Toole 2006: 30). If the same source is referred to or quoted immediately afterwards simply repeat the page number. If only the page number changes it will suffice to put the new page number within brackets.

Short quotations (up to 40 words) will appear in inverted commas within the text, longer ones (more than 40 words) will have no inverted commas and will appear in a separate indented paragraph (1 cm; single space). If parts of a citation are omitted, the omission is noted by three full stops enclosed in square brackets [.].


The works referred to in the paper should be listed in alphabetical order. Line space 1. Indent long entries from the second line (Sangría francesa).


Name, first name. Year of publication. Title, place: Publisher.

Smith, John. 2006. Ireland and the New Millennium , Burgos: Editorial Burgalesa.

Several authors:

2 Smith, John & Peter Jones. 2006. ....
3 Smith, John, Peter Jones & James Green. 2006. ....
3+ Smith, John et al. 2006. ....

ARTICLES from collections of essays, periodicals and newspapers

Jones, Peter. 2006. "Ireland Revisited", in John Smith (ed.), Ireland and the New Millennium , Burgos: Editorial Burgalesa.

Jones, Peter. 2006. "Ireland Revisited", Journal of Irish Studies , 5, 125- 137.

Jones, Peter. 2006. "Ireland Revisited", The Irish Times , 17 December.

We would be very grateful if those who are not confident about their English would have their text revised by a native speaker.

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