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EFACIS Centres in Spain

University of Granada

The Centre was established in May 2015 at the University of Granada and it is constituted by thirty-three active members working full time on the field of Irish Studies. The aim is to support and promote academic research on Irish Studies in the Eastern side of the Spanish region of Andalucía. The Centre’s focus is multidisciplinary, and conducts research in a wide range of academic disciplines regarding Ireland and Northern Ireland, ranging from history, literature, language and Hiberno-Spanish Relations.


The Centre of Irish Studies BANNA/BOND includes the Universities of La Rioja, Burgos, Zaragoza and Deusto(Spain). It was set up to bring together professors, lecturers, students and others who share an interest in all aspects related to the history, society, art and literature of Ireland. It is a non-profit academic organization devoted to the appreciation and promotion of Irish culture in the north-central part of Spain

Amergin University Institute

“The Amergin University Institute of Research in Irish Studies” has been founded at University of A Coruña with the intention of promoting academic research on issues concerning Ireland and the teaching of Irish Studies, and providing a source of information on Irish issues with the overall objective of relating such questions to the context of Galicia and Spain as a whole.

University of Vigo

Irish Studies at the University of Vigo involves work on aspects of modern and contemporary Irish writing and on the intimate relationship between Irish society, politics, history, and imagination, and addresses recurring themes in Irish culture such as the shaping of national identity, gender issues, myth and cultural memory, translation and the role of the Irish writer as social critic…

University of Extremadura

The Center of Irish Studies in Cáceres is a research-based center established at the University of Extremadura whose members are scholars specializing in Irish linguistic, literary, and cultural subjects such as Irish English (socio)linguistics and pragmatics, perceptual dialectology, fiction and the portrayal of Irish English voice and identity, gender studies and gender representation in fiction, Irish English historical…


The Alcalá Centre for Irish Studies (“Alka-Éire”) is a research-based centre established at the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain) around the activities produced by the members of the Research group in Irish Studies. The only centre of its kind in the Madrid area, it pursues to enhance academic interest in all things Irish, to strengthen research in Irish literature and culture, to foster the visibility of Irish studies…


Eusk-Cara Basque Centre of Irish Studies was created to promote the study of Irish culture, Literature and Art at large in the Basque Country. The Centre encourages the academic study of Irish topics form a diverse, multidisciplinary and comparative viewpoint. It aims to broaden understanding of Irish matters while bridging social, economic and political differences which may occur as the result of cultural divergences…